In search of 国王与征服者: Gertrude 钟钟’她的成长经历,不愉快的爱情生活,政治参与和过早死亡的故事常常使她的考古事业蒙上阴影。第一位获得“第一名”的女人’ from Oxford, she proved herself to be an astute and highly accomplished archaeologist, particularly in Anatolia and Mesopotamia (where she discovered the magnificent fortress at Ukhaidir), but rarely received the level of recognition enjoyed by her male counterparts. This affectionate portrait draws extensively on 钟’的日记,照片和考古记录,以揭示一位杰出的女性,她具有冒险精神和对知识的强烈渴望。

Caitlin McCall评论


In Search of 国王与征服者: Gertrude 钟 and the archaeology of the Middle East by 丽莎·库珀(Lisa Cooper)由I B Tauris出版&公司(ISBN 978-1848854987)